it’s funny isn’t it – you don’t realise just how fragile and fast life is until you have children. There you are, just swimming through your life and then it hits you. Time quickens, doesn’t still, you blink, and you miss it. You swear when you wake up your child has aged overnight. A week passes, then a month, a year, and you’re looking back thinking how the hell did that go by so fast. It’s a long blur of sleepless nights and snack retrieval, the monotony of routine.

Time is a thief, it steals moments faster than you can breathe, and suddenly your babies aren’t really babies anymore and you’re sobbing into your warm tea (because they’re older now, and your tea doesn’t get cold). This is why I am so passionate about photography. It captures a moment, otherwise forgotten, and holds it forever. It shows your protectiveness, the twinkle in your eyes. The mischievous look on your little one’s face as they defy requests. It shows the love and the connection and that moment in time where your babies looked up to you like you hung the moon. It doesn’t last forever. 

Roy is growing up faster than I can imagine, Willa creeping towards that first milestone. The days are long and hard and exhausting, but they are real and beautiful and messy. They are why I photograph you and your family – to build a future for them, to help you see those moments, even the small ones, are worth capturing. Documenting your days, no matter how mundane.

The thing about photography is that it often gets lumped into technical bells and whistles chat, when really to me it’s all about my subject. I photograph with intent, with passion, with the knowledge that what I am capturing matters. You can’t get these moments back, but you can freeze them. Heirlooms for the future. Your family will look back on these images forever, passed through generations. Isn’t that crazy? Amazing? Beautiful? I think so.

I truly believe photographs are one of the most priceless items you can own. Because when it’s said and done, the monotony of everyday life is tiring and draining, but we really are living the best of days. We just don’t realise it yet. Hindsight is a magical thing, and I know that having this season captured is important.

If you’d like to book a session, get in touch. I promise you won’t regret it.



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Photos by Emma Johnson