The year I moved home. 

Last year we made the decision to move back to my home town Hay. You might be thinking “I thought you lived in Wagga!” and I did until June last year.

I made the decision to run my business like I was still in Wagga and very few people knew I had moved. You’re probably thinking why?

My business wasn’t even a year old but I knew this was something I wanted to do as a full time career and I thought that if I told everyone we had moved, I wouldn’t get any new clients. This wasn’t a forever move and wanted to make sure I was able to still keep building my business while we took some time out for our family at the same time.

When we decided to move back to Hay I felt good. My life as a mum in Wagga so far had been far too busy for my liking.  I was working 4 long days a week and Roy was in childcare for those 4 days as well.

We were having early mornings and late nights, my husband was always away working and  sometimes he would be away for 2 weeks straight each time.

It was hard work.

I know that many mums/women have their partners/husbands work away and you just get on with it and I thought I did deal with it.

I actually coped better when he was away but his schedule would change all the time and it was never consistent.

I started my business while juggling being a mum and working in childcare at the same time. I had to rely on friends to watch Roy when I went out and did shoots in Wagga and I hated that I felt so guilty (mum guilt is a horrible thing but that’s another topic for another day), like I shouldn’t be working.

My friends were always so good about it and said they would have him anytime but I still felt very guilty.

A lot of quality time with his best friends (cousins)

So we moved home.

Hay is a place where I feel instantly relaxed and calm.

My parents have a beautiful house that we have been living in for the past 12 months.

It’s not far from the river and I find that life slows down in Hay. It was exactly what I needed.

I don’t know if it was coincidence or just life but when we moved home Roy stopped getting sick all the time. In fact he has only been sick once or twice in the whole 12 months we have been here.

To put that into perspective, Roy was sick at least once a month in Wagga and usually for a week at a time. I struggled a lot because Roy wasn’t putting on weight very well and when he would he would get sick so I got very anxious and stressed.

Not seeing Roy sick every month has been amazing and taken a lot of worry away.

I also have more flexible hours and I have been working less in my day job but more in my business. 

But this in turn means I’m also travelling a lot and missing out on my weekends with Roy and Bunt.

In January and February I probably spent one weekend at home with them and the rest were in Wagga. 

My business is growing which I’m so so excited about. I can’t to see where I can go with this little dream of mine. I said to my husband in March “it’s time to move back” The demand in Wagga was definitely there and I was over missing out on my weekends with my family.

As I write this we are hoping to be back in Wagga permanently within the month. I’m feeling good about it, I feel like I’m a different person then I was a year ago.

I needed this reset, this slow down and then Covid – 19 hit and we got even more of a slow down.

I have realised I never want life to be so busy again as it was. Being busy isn’t fun and definitely isn’t great for my mental health, especially when I burn out.

When we return to Wagga I’ll continue working on my business while also enjoying days with my family on the weekend. I’m excited to move back into our house, get some indoor plants and start decorating again. I just hope I can keep them all alive.

My Parents Place