I feel very lucky when somebody chooses me to photograph both their maternity and newborn sessions. It doesn’t matter if they are a first time mum or second or third, it’s always special to be able to tell someone’s story. Taylor’s maternity was one to remember. We went out on the road so we could get that beautiful Hay plains background and sunset.

I always say there is nothing more beautiful then a pregnant women, it’s such a vulnerable time in your life as well as joyful. You’re so excited to meet your new baby but also your body is changing in so manys way and the hormones take control of your emotions. Mackenzie was born just before all the restrictions were put in place so we decided to wait till they eased a little bit before we went ahead with the session. Mackenzie was so cute, she was 7 weeks old and we were still able to get those sleepy newborn photos and her parents were totally smitten with her.

I don’t blame them! I always try to make sure that my newborn sessions are as relaxed as they can be and that is no time limit on these sessions.