Im so lucky that this is not the first time that the Nott family have stepped in front of my camera. The last time I photographed them was when Tom was just a few of days old, they had just become a family of 3 and Tom decided to arrive a couple of weeks earlier then expected.

Exactly a year later, Tom turned one and I was shocked when I saw him again, he had grown so much and he is the happiest 1 year old I know! Tom smiled during the entire session, mum and dad were a bit worried because when they arrived at the session, he had just fallen asleep, they definitely had nothing to be worried about as he was very happy.

Ros from Roslyn Clare Photography was also at this at session as she was mentoring me at the time, she was the chief the bubble blower and boy did Tom love the bubbles.! Im so grateful to any family that returns to me to update their family photos, I really love watching your family grow before my lens and I definitely love the catch up.