Usually my bookings are done through Facebook or email but for Trudi’s booking, she called me on the phone. We had a chat about how she had been meaning to organise family at their house for a while now so we booked a date and when I turned up I knew it was the perfect place for their a session.

When I walked in recognised Trudi but I just couldn’t remember where from. Wagga is that big so I thought perhaps I was imagining things so I put it aside and we started their session.

When you book a session with me one of the things I like to do is capture you in your natural environment. I want to see how you would normally interact with your children and capture those raw every day moments.

We made our way down to the river and the kids ran up and down the sand hills, they were so photogenic and easy to work with. We were just about finished and Trudi was about to feed her youngest and she asked if I could take some photos as she was her last baby. This is the moments I wanted to capture so of course I said yes.

I started to talk about my breast feeding story and I said to Trudi you’re a doctor so you might already know about my story and how I had my son. As I told the story she finished the sentence for me.

I said “oh you do know my story?” and she said “I did your c section”.

It was in that moment that it all clicked and I remembered her, I remembered everything.

We talked about it and she said she will never forget that day that I was wheeling into her operating theatre and of course I said neither will I.

What she did that day saved my little boy’s life and I will never forget that.

I’m so glad that I got to meet you again Trudi, so that I could personally THANK YOU.

I’m so grateful and feel so lucky that you booked me to take your family photos. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and that you were meant to book me so we could meet again.