Have you ever had that one friend who always believed in you? I have, my beautiful friend Shan. 

Shan was the one who basically made my business start. Another friend of mine had a photographer cancel on her for some announcement photos so I put my hand up. I  can remember saying “I know how to work a camera, I will give it a go” I remembered that Shan had a camera and I asked if I could borrow it.

I took my friends photos and she loved them. I didn’t think anything of it for a while until my friend had her baby and I offered to take some photos for her and again Shan let me borrow her camera. This continued for months, I kept borrowing the camera and Shan never said no.  After  i took those newborn photos I had this fire lit in my belly and drive inside me that I couldn’t explain but it felt so good and I knew I wanted more. 

I’m so grateful for everything you have done for me Shan. You allowed me to use your camera so I could build my business before deciding whether it was worth purchasing my own. It gave me the freedom to fall in love all over again with my passion. 

I recently got to photograph Trent, Shan and their son Jacko. Shan’s husband is my cousin and also my husband’s best friend and I am so glad that I could give something back for them to have and cherish. 

Without you Shan, this business probably would of never got off the ground. I could never have become a photographer without a camera.