I’m always excited when somebody books a maternity session, there is just something about them that I love. I love being able to make mothers feel beautiful as their body rapidly changes throughout their pregnancy. I want to draw everyones attentions to that fact that women’s body is beautiful and are truly incredible to be able to create another life.

We went to a beautiful location with a hill top view. Stacey had a couple of outfits that she had brought to wear and I also bought along one for her. I love having a client wardrobe for this exact reason, it takes the hard work out of having to find a one time outfit for expecting mums.

I know that when you’re pregnant, you may not always feel your best and the way you look may end up being very foreign to what you’re used too but I love being able to make your life a little easier by having comfortable dresses for these maternity sessions.

I try to make these session as relaxed as possible with very limited to minimal posing, I totally get that being in front of the camera isn’t the most comfortable thing and I myself am not comfortable in front of the camera. I promise that I will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible.