It’s one of my most asked questions – what is the difference between a mini session and a full family session? Mini sessions are great to capture a quick family photo and are great for a yearly snapshot of your little ones. But family sessions capture the true essence of your family and your kids. The small moments you never want to forget. They’re the sessions where you can get the best out of your kids, no matter the mood or the lack of bribes (but these are always encouraged).

But let’s break it down. On paper – 

Mini Sessions

  • Shorter 
  • Cheaper

Full Sessions

  • Longer
  • Bigger investment

A family session is an hour with your kids, uninterrupted, you guys just loving each other silly. It’s exploring, and capturing real, true joy on their faces as they find a particularly cool looking rock. They show you, their faces lighting up, and somehow yours does too. You look back and realise that time is incredibly fleeting, and your idea of the perfect family photo has changed. That smile, that moment? That’s the one you frame.

It’s an hour for your family and your kids to get to know me, to get comfortable in front of the camera so I can capture some beautiful candid memories, not that ‘cheese face’ only a mother could love. The more time outdoors, really enjoying yourselves? That is where the magic happens.

The fact of the matter is that kids, bless their little souls, usually take some time to warm up to new people, particularly when that new person is wielding a big black camera. It can be super intimidating for little ones. In mini sessions we have a limited amount of time to get kids to warm up, so God forbid your babe is in a mood or has just woken up from a nap. I do my very best, however sometimes kids take a while to warm up and mini sessions just don’t afford us that luxury. BUT they are wonderful to get regular updates of your family a few times a year without having to break the bank.

An hour session gives us plenty of time to navigate the tiny world of your little people, to get them excited about the idea of being photographed, and to go on an adventure. Because at the end of the day, kids just want to be kids don’t they? 

Mini sessions are tricky to organise on my behalf, but when they happen they are MAGIC. Because I can only offer these sessions a few times a year, they are hot property. They are a wonderful way to capture your family now, easily, particularly if you have kids (or husbands) who aren’t too keen on the idea. They are quick, run like a well-oiled ship and crazy fun.

I can only offer minis at certain times throughout the year and GUESS WHAT – I am have released some mini sessions for the end of the year and I will pop the links below there is spots for Wagga, Griffith and Hay. The perfect time to book in before Christmas to get an updated family photo to gift your family members.

Hay Mini Sessions

Wagga Mini Sessions

Griffith Mini Sessions

Or, if you are interested in having a full family session, get in touch. I’d love to capture your family!