A couple of weeks ago the LPL girls met me on a farm a couple of hours from Wagga to get some branding photos for their business. It was so much fun running around with the girls in the the wide open spaces and twirling in the Cotton Fields Sommer said they usually use models for their branding shoots but because of everything that was going on with the pandemic why not get herself and her girls in front of the camera. After the session I wanted to know more Sommer had been doing this for almost 11 years and she was about to start a new venture and open up The Wellness Co.

How did you first Lashing?

I learnt lashes 11 years ago, wow I am basically ancient in the lash industry, it was a 2 hour course and I sucked I was gluing peoples lashes to their skin, applying them to heavy and too messy I didnt have a mentor to ask for help so i started googling how to improve and 2 years onwards i had re taught myself through trial and error

When did open LPL ?

I started LPL when i moved from Canberra where i sold by beauty salon be.you.tiful therapy to wagga. I started in a little jazzed up lash caravan , 3 months in i hired amd trained my first staff member because i was fully booked.

What was your vision for your business when you first opened ?

When I first opened i wanted to create a strong reputation based on my care for ones natural lashes doing the service with the clients natural lashes health at best interest, i wanted to educate my future staff as i didn’t have that person to guide me when i first began my journey

What’s your vision now?

My vision has changed over the years it use to be just lashes but i have developed a love for holistic healing practises and wish to incorporate that point of difference with a lash service, i want to create a safe space that looks after your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing

What’s your favourite thing about you job ?

My favorite thing is 1. Watching and guiding my staff to develop and to improve their skills but also how empowering lashes are on a woman they create so much confidence

How many girls have you trained in the industry ?

I have educated over 200 students in Australia and Nz

Tell me about the new wellness co ?

The wellness co is my new journey in which you will find LPL in anoungst it was developed from my love of helping other people, helping like minded wellness businesses my collaborating in a collective space to help build clientele and build eachothers businesses.

Where do you hope you’re business to be in 5 years time ?

I’m not one to think that far in advance I am very much take life as it comes and enjoy the ride, but perhaps an expansion on the wellness co more people collaborating and i would love to also be teaching lashes in more places around the world.