This session has been a long time coming, it had been rescheduled because of covid-19 but a few weeks ago we finally made it happen!

I had already been fortunate enough to photograph Tams, Nick & Ryder and I was so excited to see how much Ryder had grown. I drove out to their family farm, it is located near Culcairn.

The farm has been in the family for six generations and one day Nick will take over the farm, just like his father before him.

We captured these photos in a few different locations on the farm and the light was so beautiful and the sky definitely put on a show for us.

We ended up finishing the shoot at Paul’s grandfather Jim’s favourite tree, it was a big beautiful gum tree Ryder’s great grandfather used to say “when the branches reach out and sort of along the ground it meant there was a good source of water.

There is so much family history on this farm and I felt extremely lucky to be invited out there to capture these precious moments.